Day 24 – Loved

I feel kind of weird typing this. But I’m going to do it anyway. My boyfriend’s name is Wylie. We’ve been together for almost 4 years. We met in college and moved to Illinois after we graduated. I’m very thankful for him and I’m thankful for the little reminders why. 

Wylie works from home because he has his own supplement company. He doesn’t get up until around 7:30-8:00 so I usually leave for work in the morning before he gets up. The other day I was saying how I haven’t been able to wear necklaces because I can’t seem to get them latched because my nails are longer than usual (silly problem to have, I know). While I was getting ready today, I heard his alarm going off. I checked the time and it was only 6:40. I was confused. I went to see why he was up and he said “I got up early so I could help you put your necklace on”. This may seem like a silly thing to smile about to some people, but I thought it was so sweet. It’s the little things!

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